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Saturday, October 1, 2011

$6 finishes the reading corner!

Hello!  I have been busy pinning on pintrest lately collecting ideas for basement spaces.  But before we get started on our basement reno there are a few projects in and out of the house I would like to complete.  The list included a lamp for my tiny reading corner in the office where I do a lot of reading, paging through magazines and scrapbooks.  For this space I knew I wanted clear glass.  I had my eye on a few pricey ones but I am glad I didn't splurge.  Over the weekend, I spent a whopping $6 to finish my space. I LOVE LAMP!

Isn't she a beauty!  I paid $5 for this cut glass lamp base.  Exactly what I had been pining for.  I cleaned her up and Mr. BB rewired her.  The simple Pottery Barn lamp shade from my bedroom wall sconce (previous post) fit perfectly.  To the left of her hangs a $1  

cream glazed soap dish.  I hung it next to the old piece of slate we trimmed out 
(previous post) to hold chalk.   

I do believe my tiny reading corner is complete.  I have light, a place to rest my feet, baskets to store my scrapbooks and magazines, a bookcase for books, an afghan for snuggling, and a message board for thoughts and quotes.  Cost breakdown to create this space: Lamp, $5.  Soap dish.$1. Crochet Afghan, $4.  Slate Message board/trimmed, $20.  Bookcase, $0 my sons old one that I painted with what I had on hand and distressed.   Chalkboard banner, $0 for craft paper and twine.  All other items I already owned.  Total: $30   Have you been finishing off projects too?
Bee Well! Elizabeth
p.s. we just updated our message board with an adorable quote for this time of year "Dear God, On Halloween I am going to wear a devil's costume.  Is that alright with you?  Marnie".  From the book Children's Letters to God.   

Friday, September 23, 2011

it just wasn't love...

The moment I laid eyes on her at the flea market, I knew I was taking her home.  I was hoping her pop of color would add freshness to my home.  I mean, who doesn't love turquoise these days?  Once home...  I waited and waited to fall in love.  I thought "hmmm, i just have to get used to "color"".  How long do you wait? I realized it just wasn't love.  So I painted her.  I antiqued her a bit too.  And...NOW I love her!



Are you in love too? 
Bee well,

Saturday, August 20, 2011

a refreshing update...

This is a picture of one of my favorite purchases...  the Pottery Barn Weston Wall Sconce.  I purchased two and placed one on either side of our bed.  Since my nightly reading puts me to sleep I can't live (or sleep) without them!! The shade that came with the fixture is neutral enough to allow me to change up our bedding. 

But...  recently I came across these pretty blue toile shades for $7.99 each. 

Though the shade falls longer on the light than the original, I find the touch of color refreshing. 

They tie in nicely with the comforter adding a feminine touch...

Bee well, Elizabeth

Monday, June 27, 2011

Have to post when... I have to post!!

Sorry to bombard you with posts today but gosh, not enough hours in the day.  Welcome back to my home!
and my flower garden...

Have I mentioned how much I love summertime??
Bee well, Elizabeth

I customized custom curtains!!

When I came across this custom sewn window valance at a local second hand store I did not hesitate to purcahse it for $7.99.  After washing it I laid it out on my bedroom floor.  

Armed with just my rotary cutter, cutting mat, and drapery clips I customized this Country Curtain toile valance for my own windows.  After measuring, I cut the valance.  NO sewing required.  The rotary cutter made such a clean cut...  they looked finished!

Voila!  And I think they look fantastic with the Pottery Barn comforter cover.

Bee well--  Elizabeth