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Friday, November 26, 2010

This is the mud room.  We enter this room from the garage.  This small space really handles alot but clearly it is not addressing our needs as it should.  I believe with better organization its functionality can improve.  As you can see this space is used to hang light jackets and back packs, store shoes, umbrellas, and recylclables.  To the right of the picture is an alcove that holds a desk for bill paying.   The baskets on top of the shelves are too big and there never seems to be an open hook when you need one:).  I am thinking about painting the door and upgrading the runner too.  Please post photos of your entry space--I would love to see how you organized your family!  Stay tuned for my improvements...  have a happy day!

curtain decision...finally!

Finally finding time to finish my post--I apologize for the GIANT pause.  Above is a photo of the dining room curtains-- the way I dreamed they would hang.  I don't make decisions easily and this one I wrestled with for weeks.  Problem: everytime I passed by the room the look never felt right... I always thought too dressed or too layered...  After some more trial and error I decided on the look below... 

I removed one layer at a time.  The velvet topper came down first.   Next the white sheer.  At this point I was left with the velvet curtain panels and the wood blind (in the photo above it is hard to see the blind behind the sheer but it was there too!)  But.. the look still wasn't right.  I narrowed the problem down to the curtain rod.  I toyed with that decision for a few more weeks!  I chose cherry wood instead of wrought iron.  What do you think of this simplified version?