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Saturday, October 1, 2011

$6 finishes the reading corner!

Hello!  I have been busy pinning on pintrest lately collecting ideas for basement spaces.  But before we get started on our basement reno there are a few projects in and out of the house I would like to complete.  The list included a lamp for my tiny reading corner in the office where I do a lot of reading, paging through magazines and scrapbooks.  For this space I knew I wanted clear glass.  I had my eye on a few pricey ones but I am glad I didn't splurge.  Over the weekend, I spent a whopping $6 to finish my space. I LOVE LAMP!

Isn't she a beauty!  I paid $5 for this cut glass lamp base.  Exactly what I had been pining for.  I cleaned her up and Mr. BB rewired her.  The simple Pottery Barn lamp shade from my bedroom wall sconce (previous post) fit perfectly.  To the left of her hangs a $1  

cream glazed soap dish.  I hung it next to the old piece of slate we trimmed out 
(previous post) to hold chalk.   

I do believe my tiny reading corner is complete.  I have light, a place to rest my feet, baskets to store my scrapbooks and magazines, a bookcase for books, an afghan for snuggling, and a message board for thoughts and quotes.  Cost breakdown to create this space: Lamp, $5.  Soap dish.$1. Crochet Afghan, $4.  Slate Message board/trimmed, $20.  Bookcase, $0 my sons old one that I painted with what I had on hand and distressed.   Chalkboard banner, $0 for craft paper and twine.  All other items I already owned.  Total: $30   Have you been finishing off projects too?
Bee Well! Elizabeth
p.s. we just updated our message board with an adorable quote for this time of year "Dear God, On Halloween I am going to wear a devil's costume.  Is that alright with you?  Marnie".  From the book Children's Letters to God.   

Friday, September 23, 2011

it just wasn't love...

The moment I laid eyes on her at the flea market, I knew I was taking her home.  I was hoping her pop of color would add freshness to my home.  I mean, who doesn't love turquoise these days?  Once home...  I waited and waited to fall in love.  I thought "hmmm, i just have to get used to "color"".  How long do you wait? I realized it just wasn't love.  So I painted her.  I antiqued her a bit too.  And...NOW I love her!



Are you in love too? 
Bee well,

Saturday, August 20, 2011

a refreshing update...

This is a picture of one of my favorite purchases...  the Pottery Barn Weston Wall Sconce.  I purchased two and placed one on either side of our bed.  Since my nightly reading puts me to sleep I can't live (or sleep) without them!! The shade that came with the fixture is neutral enough to allow me to change up our bedding. 

But...  recently I came across these pretty blue toile shades for $7.99 each. 

Though the shade falls longer on the light than the original, I find the touch of color refreshing. 

They tie in nicely with the comforter adding a feminine touch...

Bee well, Elizabeth

Monday, June 27, 2011

Have to post when... I have to post!!

Sorry to bombard you with posts today but gosh, not enough hours in the day.  Welcome back to my home!
and my flower garden...

Have I mentioned how much I love summertime??
Bee well, Elizabeth

I customized custom curtains!!

When I came across this custom sewn window valance at a local second hand store I did not hesitate to purcahse it for $7.99.  After washing it I laid it out on my bedroom floor.  

Armed with just my rotary cutter, cutting mat, and drapery clips I customized this Country Curtain toile valance for my own windows.  After measuring, I cut the valance.  NO sewing required.  The rotary cutter made such a clean cut...  they looked finished!

Voila!  And I think they look fantastic with the Pottery Barn comforter cover.

Bee well--  Elizabeth

The perfect piece

I finally found a cabinet for the small space in my bathroom.  I needed a bit more storage so I began my search for the perfect piece.  It has taken about two years, but so worth the wait.  To distress it, I first painted the entire piece martha stewart harbor grey (visible on the drawer pulls).  Secondly, using a butter cream color, I painted over that.  It took me an entire day to scrape the entire piece with a straight blade. I chose to leave the inside of the cabinet painted butter cream (see photo below).  Lastly, I waxed the entire piece.  The results...
The top holds a hobnail collection and the bottom is the extra storage I needed!
An old piece that now has a fresh clean distressed look
How perfect is that!
Bee well, Elizabeth 

Welcome to my garden...

Had some time today to share a few photos of my vegetable and herb garden...  welcome!  We'll be adding some pea gravel between the raiesed beds and after that, we can enjoy our bounty.  I just love summertime...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We just love the chalk board wall...

Early one Saturday morning I looked at this mess and decided it needed changing.  By 7am the wall was painted and the clutter was cleaned up.  The telephone on the wall and the constant searching for note paper was clue enough to grab my can of chalk board paint and get busy. 

the mess before...

the wall after...
by 9am we were ready for messages...
Bee well, Elizabeth

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

18 year search for "the perfect pair" has ended...

I have owned my antique dining room set for 18 wonderful years but the set never felt complete.  Many times I thought about replacing the chairs.  At one point I considered a leather parson style chair but felt parsons would make the space look more like a board room rather than a dining area.  I realized I needed arm chairs to anchor the table.  my mother found these two beauties waiting to be loved and upholstered!

It is a pretty dining room set but it never felt complete.

I always felt the table needed something more. 

Ahhh, arm chairs.  The new chairs will be covered to match.  I'll consider other colorful options the next itme I update the room. 

The new, more substantial chair... 

A view of the room with the new arm chairs.  Looks complete and the mismatched look adds character and casualness to the space.  So happy I never gave up the search!! 
Bee Happy, Elizabeth

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I went junkin'... and transformed a boring wall!

Now that the weather has become more agreeable I have been stopping at some of my favorite jaunts to
"junk".  Pictured below is what I scored recently.  It is a very large hoop used for embroidery or hand quilting.  I paid $5 for it. 
As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to use it in my office.  So I went to Joann fabrics and purchased some material which was score #2 of the day.  Remnants were 1/2 off... yipee!  So I used my coupon to purchase a few additional decorative items.  Below is what I picked out. 
Total cost at Joann's was under $30.  I found the bird plate below at Marshall's for $2.99 and the small Limoges white plate with black writing at the flea market for $1!

   with a glue gun I attached wire hangers to the backs of the plates ...

I also framed an "E"

I added chicken wire to this gold frame and picked up a bag of mini wooden clothespins.

I had a few small embroidery hoops of my own so I grabbed those from my craft box.  Then I strectched the purchased remnanct over the hoops and cut away the excess.  Using the embellishments I purchased like wired ribbon, fabic flowers, ball fringe, straight pins, a small wooden P, etc.,  I started "playing".  I combined my purchaces with family photos and child hood memorabilia and below is how the wall in the office turned out...

The color quality of the picture is very poor and I apologize.  The wall color is Sherwin Williams Heather Sage-- a soft grey green color.  The fabrics I chose compliment the wall color as well as introduce a brighter, livelier color palette.  I had enough fabric to make pillows for the rocking chair in the opposite corner.     

This is a picture of the room entering from the foyer.  The color quality in this photo is a bit more accurate.

I am so happy with the result!  I added organization, functionality and a touch of femininity to this once boring wall and color scheme.  Best of all, the wall will always be interesting each time I update the photos and memorabilia.  If the wall color ever changes, a simple swap out of fabric will keep the room coordinated.  One last look...  taa daa...

Hope you've been able to sneak away to your favorite jaunts.  Bee well, Elizabeth