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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

18 year search for "the perfect pair" has ended...

I have owned my antique dining room set for 18 wonderful years but the set never felt complete.  Many times I thought about replacing the chairs.  At one point I considered a leather parson style chair but felt parsons would make the space look more like a board room rather than a dining area.  I realized I needed arm chairs to anchor the table.  my mother found these two beauties waiting to be loved and upholstered!

It is a pretty dining room set but it never felt complete.

I always felt the table needed something more. 

Ahhh, arm chairs.  The new chairs will be covered to match.  I'll consider other colorful options the next itme I update the room. 

The new, more substantial chair... 

A view of the room with the new arm chairs.  Looks complete and the mismatched look adds character and casualness to the space.  So happy I never gave up the search!! 
Bee Happy, Elizabeth

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