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Sunday, March 27, 2011

I went junkin'... and transformed a boring wall!

Now that the weather has become more agreeable I have been stopping at some of my favorite jaunts to
"junk".  Pictured below is what I scored recently.  It is a very large hoop used for embroidery or hand quilting.  I paid $5 for it. 
As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to use it in my office.  So I went to Joann fabrics and purchased some material which was score #2 of the day.  Remnants were 1/2 off... yipee!  So I used my coupon to purchase a few additional decorative items.  Below is what I picked out. 
Total cost at Joann's was under $30.  I found the bird plate below at Marshall's for $2.99 and the small Limoges white plate with black writing at the flea market for $1!

   with a glue gun I attached wire hangers to the backs of the plates ...

I also framed an "E"

I added chicken wire to this gold frame and picked up a bag of mini wooden clothespins.

I had a few small embroidery hoops of my own so I grabbed those from my craft box.  Then I strectched the purchased remnanct over the hoops and cut away the excess.  Using the embellishments I purchased like wired ribbon, fabic flowers, ball fringe, straight pins, a small wooden P, etc.,  I started "playing".  I combined my purchaces with family photos and child hood memorabilia and below is how the wall in the office turned out...

The color quality of the picture is very poor and I apologize.  The wall color is Sherwin Williams Heather Sage-- a soft grey green color.  The fabrics I chose compliment the wall color as well as introduce a brighter, livelier color palette.  I had enough fabric to make pillows for the rocking chair in the opposite corner.     

This is a picture of the room entering from the foyer.  The color quality in this photo is a bit more accurate.

I am so happy with the result!  I added organization, functionality and a touch of femininity to this once boring wall and color scheme.  Best of all, the wall will always be interesting each time I update the photos and memorabilia.  If the wall color ever changes, a simple swap out of fabric will keep the room coordinated.  One last look...  taa daa...

Hope you've been able to sneak away to your favorite jaunts.  Bee well, Elizabeth

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