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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Organize, Organize, Organize

We're getting organized and it's a beautiful thing!  My Busy Man added shelves to this laundry room closet and I got busy painting and organizing it.  I just love when everything is in it's place. 

This is a shot of the oposite side of the closet.  Yes, that's my tool box!

Because I am outnumbered in my household 3:1, I took advantage of the organizing by making these laundry signs that hang above the laundry baskets.  Now I have my guys sorting the laundry for me!!  What a big help it is. As you can see below, I just carry the full laudry bin to the washer and empty it in.  Ahhh... simplicity!  I am on a mission so there will be many more organizing projects to share.  Bee well!  Elizabeth

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